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Who we are

  Welcome to Simply Natural Nails and Spa, where cleanliness and sanitization is reflected in each and every service we offer. Our files and buffers are used only once and then discarded, each metal implement is sanitized and then placed in a sealed sterilized pouch opened @ your time of service. Pedicures are done in our Belava Spa Pedicure Chairs which feature a single use disposable liner, which eliminates spreading of any germs for your added comfort and peace of mind.

    We care about our health as well as yours which is why our nail polish choice is Zoya, in addition to being a remarkable polish more importantly it is vegan friendly as well as formaldehyde and toluene free. Our spa products have been expertly chosen using products which are derived from all natural & organic ingredients as well as Paraben Free & No Dyes.

     Be our guest in this nail oasis designed for your
comfort allowing your self to escape reality and step into tranquility and no nail service is complete without sitting back with a warm cup of tea or coffee by our quaint fireplace while waiting for your perfectly polished  nails to dry.

    At Simply Natural Nails and Spa we create a warm and inviting feeling, leaving you looking forward to your next visit.  After one service you will see that there is nothing else quite like Simply Natural Nails and Spa.

Basic Info
  • Location
    119 Great Rd, Bedford, MA01730

  • Available Parking
    Private Parking Lot

  • Public Transit
    yes there are public bus stops on my road

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