Simply Natural Signature Facial  
 60 Minutes                     $85.00
Great for elemental maintenance of normal skin w/minimal issues.
Simply Nourishing Hydration Facial 
 60 Minutes                     $90.00
For superficially dry skin.
Simply Calm Soothing Facial
 60 Minutes                     $90.00                
For sensitive skin, cuprous, rosacea, systemic masking & other delicate skin ailments.
Simply Purifying Facial             
 60Minutes                      $90.00                 
 For oily skin & those w/occasional break out concerns.
Simply Radiant Skin Brightening Facial                
 60 Minutes                     $95.00                 
For dull skin & mild pigmentation concerns.
Simply Youthful Firming Facial             
  60 Minutes                         $95.00                 
For naturally aging skin w/fine lines & collagen loss.
Luxurious Hydration Facial w/high grade peel and extreme hydrating massage/mask           
 90 Minutes                         $165.00                
Service for deeply dehydrated skin w/lack luster complexion &/or hyper-pigmentation, skin discoloration concerns.
Intensive Anti-aging Facial w/high grade line reducing peel            
 90 Minutes                         $165.00                
For naturally aging skin w/fine lines & collagen loss.
Active Acne Diminishing Facial w/ Extended Extractions                                                    
 90 Minutes                         $165.00 
Service for acneic skin w/heavy clogging & hyper-sensitivity due to acne issues.
Advanced Exfoliation Treatment 
 90 Minutes                         $165.00 
Aggressive, deep exfoliation service to remove multiple layers of dead dry skin followed by a gentle massage to sooth, properly protect & hydrate skin
Back Facial
 30 Minutes                      $70

Calming Back Treatment
for Sensitive Skin
 30 Minutes                     $40

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